ARVES publications.


1.   Jan van Reek, The ultra modern endgame study.

“The ultra modern endgame study consists of linked endgame studies”,  

Margraten, 1989.


2.   Jan van Reek, Miniatures. Margraten, 1989.


3.   Jan van Reek, The composing of endgame studies. Margraten, 1990.

4.   Works of Simkhovitch. The chess endgame studies of F.M. Simkhovitch.

Written and edited by Harry Grondijs.

      Comprises articles written by F.M. Simkhovitch / A.A. Troitzky

/ M.B. Neuman / K. Hayek / K.A.L. Kubbel. ARVES 1990.


5.   Jan van Reek, Award of the Rueb chess study tourney: 1984-1990.

Margraten (ARVES), 1990.


6.   Carel Mann door Jan van Reek in samenwerking met Henk van Donk

met commentaar van Wouter Mees en studies van Julien Vandiest.

Ter nagedachtenis aan Cornelis de Feijter en John Selman jr. Margraten, 1991.

7.   Timothy G.Whitworth, A.P. Gulaev - A.P. Grin.

Chess endgame studies, 1926 - 1991. ARVES, 1991.


8.   John Selman Jr., Reciprocal stalemate. Margraten, 1991.


9.   Jan H. Marwitz, Eindspelkunst. Dalfsen, 1991.


10. Jan van Reek, Chessmen in the endgame study.

Part 1-3. Margraten, 1992.


11. Leopold Mitrofanov, Vladimir Fyodorov, Deceptive simplicity.

Studies by Leopold Adamovitsj Mitrofanov.

      Edited by Gennady Nesis. [Margraten] (ARVES), 1992.



12. History of endgame study composing in the Netherlands and Flanders

by Jan van Reek in cooperation with Henk. van Donk,

      assisted by John Roycroft, Wouter Mees and Julien Vandiest

and dedicated to the memory of Chris van Gunst.

      Margraten, 1992.  € 15,-



13. Henk Muzerie, Over zetdwang.

Doorwerth, 1992.


14. Jan van Reek, The ultra modern endgame study - part 2.

Margraten, 1992.



 15. Jan van Reek, Chessmen in the endgame study. Part 4-7.

Margraten, 1993.


ARVES ‘book of the year’ 1994.

16. Ignace Vandecasteele, 64 studies op 64 velden.

Wilrijk-Antwerpen, 1994.


ARVES ‘book of the year’ 1995.

17. Harold van der Heijden, Pawn promotion to Bishop or Rook in the endgame study.

A New In Chess publication. [Alkmaar: Coproduction by Interchess and ARVES, 1996].

(Electronic Chessbook). includes floppy disk “Harold van der Heijden,

Pawn Promotion” in a separate box.


18. ARVES ‘book of the year’ 1996

Charged moves and progressions. Nico Cortlever's endgame studies.

Written and compiled by Harrie Grondijs. Rijswijk (Harrie Grondijs), 1996.


19. ARVES ‘book of the year’ 1997

Ignace Vandecasteele, Flemish miniatures. 123 chess endgame studies.

Composed, compiled and published by: Julien Vandiest / Roger Missiaen /

Ignace Vandecasteele. Wilrijk-Antwerp (Ignace Vandecasteele), 1998.


20. ARVES ‘book of the year’ 1998

Emilian Dobrescu, Chess study composition.

Amsterdam: ARVES, 1999. € 15,-

21. ARVES ‘book of the year’ 2000      

Rinaldo Bianchetti, Contributo alla teoria dei finali di soli pedoni. Firenze

(L’Italia Scacchistica), 1925 (in Dutch, commented translation by Hans Buijs),

Amsterdam: ARVES, 2002.


ARVES ‘book of the year’ 1999

22. Special issue of EG: Award of the (former) USSR – World endgame study tourney.

[= EG No. 134 – (Vol VIII), Oct. 1999]


23. ARVES ‘book of the year’ 2001      

Renė Olthof, Harold van der Heijden, Olthof-40 tourney.


24. ARVES ‘book of the year’ 2003     

Artur Mandler, Depth and beauty. Not available anymore.

On the website of John Beasley a scanned version of this book can be found !



25. ARVES ‘book of the year’ 2006

Arves 2006, EG - Volume 11 with EG issues 159 to 162.




 26. ARVES ‘book of the year’ 2008    

Ignace Vandecasteele , Schaakstudiespinsels € 20,-

(A review about this book can be found in Finales y Temas nr 50  )

27. Grin and the Critical Move, Harrie Grondijs, 1991.


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