With this Albino.cql studies are found with an albino pawn. Created by Peter Boll.

; Albino pawn = A white pawn on its starting square makes each of its four possible moves 
; (forward one square, forward two squares, capture to the left, capture to the right). ; Because only studies with a black pawn having these kind of moves are found this cql is with flipcolor.  ; Of course most of these different moves are found in variations.

:pgn heijden.pgn
:output Albino.pgn

(position Pe2 :wtm
((position :movefrom Pe2 :moveto .e3)
  (position :movefrom Pe2 :moveto .e4)
  (position :movefrom Pe? :moveto a[d?])
  (position :movefrom Pe? :moveto a[f?]))

Only 3 studies were found, 2 are presented.

Pawn g7 after move 2 starts it's Albino task.

Pawn b7 after move 5 starts it's Albino task