CQL - Chess Query Language version 5

Highlights of version 5

  • Find new themes
    • Find many themes that were impossible in previous versions
    • Logical studies with try and solution can now be easily searched
  • Save time with more accurate results
    • Much less false positives due to richer descriptive power
    • Sorted results means huge time savings as you are often interested just in the top few examples
    • Comments to identify the key position. Use built-in comments, insert your own comments, or keep your own comments and suppress CQL comments
    • Full documentation and dozens of examples are included
  • Speed - CQL has been rewritten to be significantly faster

This distribution contains:

  • cql.exe, the Windows executable (on Windows)
  • cql, the Mac executable (on Mac)
  • examples directory, with example CQL files

Previous users of CQL will notice that the syntax is slightly different. It is easiest to simply use the provided examples and learn through them. The extensive documentation should also help.


CQL 5.1 for Windows (64 bit)

CQL 5.1 for Mac (64 bit)

If you have any questions email: costeff at the domain gmail.com

Below the complete and actual documentation.

NB. Other information about CQL on this website is still based on version 3.02.