An html version of EchoStalemate.cql ;

Created by Gady Costeff and Lewis Stiller.

CQL 5.1 example  can be found at the website of GadyCosteff.

CQL 3.2
;Find games in which there are two ;positions P1 and P2, not the same, ; with the same side to move, such that P1 is a stalemate, and such that ; P2 is reached from P1 by a shift or a flip (or a shift and a flip) (match :pgn heijden.pgn :output echostalemate.pgn (position :stalemate :relation (:shift ; allow shifts :samesidetomove ; same side to move in P1 and P2 :originaldifferentcount 1 100 ; disallow identical positions :flip) ; allow flips :variations ; search in variations ) )
After executing this with "> cql EchoStaleMate.cql" there are 105 studies found in the Harold van der Heijden Database 2015.
NB. When you see {MATCH} in the text, it means that cql has found the position asked for.

Below only 5 studies are showed: