Arves organised at 26th January 2019 the 10th Solving Tournament

during the traditional great Tata tournament in Wijk aan Zee.

Thanks to Yochanan Afek, Luc Palmans and others this was a succes.



The winner of this event is Anne Haast.

An impression of the event

(pictures taken by Rene Olthof):



Organizers Luc Palmans and Yochanan Afek.

Pictures taken by Rene Olthof.

The 10th edition of ARVES study solving competition was held last Saturday (January 26th) in Hotel Zeecroft in Wijk aan Zee.

14 solvers were to solve 9 original (unpublished) studies in 3 hours. At the absence of GM Twan Burg, last 3 years’ winner, the battle was open again with no clear favourite.

The eventual surprising winner was former Dutch over the board chess ladies’ champion Anne Haast, the youngest participant in the field, who scored 33 out of the maximal 45 points in a superb debut.

She left behind 3 experienced solvers who scored 29 points each: Wouter van Rijn won the second prize , consuming just 173 minutes thinking time,  while Willem van Briemen and Martin van Essen, consuming the entire 180 minutes, shared the third prize with the same score.  Fifth was over the board IM Migchiel de Jong with 27 points ahead of Jan Balje 26, Hans Uitenbroek 24, IM Piet Peelen 23, Harold van der Heijden 21 etc.

Tourney sponsor was Jurgen Stigter, ARVES former chairman and a world famous collector of chess literature. Chief arbiter was Luc Palmans (Belgium).

Composers of the challenges presented for solving were Martin Minski (Germany), Ladislav Tarasyuk (Ukraine), Jan Timman and Yochanan Afek (Netherlands).

The latter was also the tournament organizer.

ARVES (Amsterdam1988) is an International association promoting the art of the endgame study among chess players.

It publishes the quarterly EG and runs a huge and rich website:

(Yochanan Afek).

Solvers in action (Picture below taken by Harry Gielen):



Also at Chessbase an impression of this even can be read.