On this page you may find several presentations of studies on Video footages.

They are presented behind Language tabs.

 Latest addition 14-12-2021.

You may find some nice presentations (in Dutch) of studies

composed by Leonid Kubbel

 at Vimeo by

GM Matthew Sadler

(uploaded by Ed van de Gevel).



 3 studies

 2 studies


2 studies

GM Wesley So solves blindly 3 (miniature) studies at Chessbase India.

Otb GM Christian Chirila from the St.Louis Chess Club presents at YouTube nice examples of studies composed by Mario Garcia.

GM Ben Finegold presents an endgame lecture to beginners on YouTube.

GM Varuzhan Akobian for beginners 1.

GM Varuzhan Akobian for beginners 2.

Pragg's magical blindfold calculations and Ramesh's lecture on studies at YouTube.

A study by Eilazyan, Eduard 1956 also promoted by Gary Kasparov.

See also article: YouTube Endgames

At Facebook you may find a GM of India solving blindfold studies: 



Study by Matous presented at YT by Daniel Naroditsky.

3 studies showed by FM Ingvar Johannesson at YT:

3 Studies presented by FM Michel Coto Mederos at YT

16 videos in his playlist: 



At YouTube GM Niclas Huschenbeth presents (in German language) many amazing (Unglaubliche Studien) Endgame studies.

Of course you can search on YouTube new entries.

#15 von Geir Sune Tallaksen ØstmoeGeir Sune Tallaksen Østmoe

#9 von Yochanan Afek & Martin Minski

#8 von Martin Minski

#7 von Yochanan Afek & Martin Minski

#6 von Martin Minski & Gunter Sonntag

#5 Huschenbeth & Minski

#4 Belyavsky

#3 Zhukov

#2 Nielsen

 #1 Huschenbeth & Minski


See also: Niclas Huschenbeth on YouTube with Martin Minski

Another fresh study presented by Renan Araujo (Portugese) about a study of Martin Minski and Steffen Slumstrup Nielsen at You Tube.

Look at:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9XrB8_QOHRs&t=11s and http://viladorenan.blogspot.de/

and an amazing ending with Yochanan Afek:


Studies presented on YouTube in Portuguese by Renan Araujo:

Video about a study by Oleg Pervakov (1st prize, 7th Jenever ARVES Ty 2014):


Video about a study by Martin Minski (4th prize, 7th Jenever ARVES Ty 2014):


Video about a study coproduction by Steffen Slumstrup Nielsen & Martin Minski (Troitzky-150 MT 2017):


Video about a study by Martin Minski (Malyshko-105 MT 2017, task of three anti-stalemate queen sacrifices, not awarded!):