Studies composed by

Aram Akopovich Tutlayants  

(Turkey, 11.3.1905 - 29.1.1975, Ukraine)

Aram Akopovich Tutlayants was born in 1905 in the place Van in Turkey.
In the mid-1910s, due to ethnic clashes, his family was forced to emigrate.
In the 1950s he moved from Uzbekistan to Donetsk. By profession he was a financier- economist.
The first problem he composed was published in 1955. In general, he composed popular problems and studies designed for a mass amateur.
In 1966 he appeared in the section of studies for the 2nd team of Ukraine in the 5th all-Union team championship.
He was chairman of the Donetsk regional composition commission (since 1964) and
he was a member of the Ukrainian Commission for chess composition (since 1965).
He is one of the authors of the book "The Chess composition in Donbass" (1969).


(All his studies, more exact dates, possible corrections or cooks and exact details about sources can be found in the

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