One of the oldests composers of all times:

Luis Ramírez de Lucena 

(Spain, c. 1465 – c. 1530)

 (Spain, c 1465- c.1530)

On Wikipedia we can read about this mistory men:

He was a Spanish chess player who published the first still-existing chess book:

Repetición de Amores y Arte de Ajedrez con 101 Juegos de Partido.

He is believed to be the son of humanist writer and diplomat Juan de Lucena.


He is famous because of the (now) theoretical Lucena Position.

The Lucena position is named after him, even though it does not appear in his book.

(It was first published in 1634 by Salvio, Allessandro 1570-1640)

The smothered mate (later named Philidor's legacy) is in the book.


A lot more about him can be found at by M.C. Romeo..


(All his studies, more exact dates, possible corrections or cooks and exact details about sources can be found in the

Harold van der Heijden (HHdbVI))