Selection out of 19 studies composed by


Vladimir Mikhalovich Archakov

(Russia, 28.9.1938 - 6.1.2005)

At ChesscomposersBlogspot we can read about him:

Vladimir Archakov composed more than 1100 chess problems:

he started with twomovers, moved to moremovers and ended with helpmates.

He also wrote many books about chess composition.


Also information at the Russian Wikipedia about him.

In this article about Zinar there is a passage about him:

"Archakov came to Kiev from Volgograd.

He was a famous chess ascet, master of USSR sports in chess composition Vladimir Mikhailovich Archakov.

Archakov was in charge of chess sections in 15 magazines in Ukraine!
This chess figure has boosted the chess life of the Ukrainian capital.
Using his imposing appearance and as a civil aviation pilot, Vladimir Mikhailovich opened
easily open the doors of the editors of newspapers and magazines.
The culmination of his organizational genius was a vigorous competition
for composing chess studies in honor of the 1500th anniversary of the glorious city of Kiev.
At that time, Zinar studied at the Kiev Polytechnic Institute and often attended the evenings of chess poetry fans in the capital.
At one of these meetings, a satisfied Vladimir Mikhailovich told the meeting

that about 80 endgame studies had been submitted for the match "Kiev - 1500".
Among the participants were etude titans like Gia Nadareishvili, Ernest Poghosyants, Vasily Dolgov ...
But all these iconic surnames of the recognized masters with different figure proportions

were supplanted by the first-class chess composition Mikhail Zinar,
which glorifies the narrow pawn strip of the chess spectrum.
Etude Zinara (No. 39), who shared the highest award, became the hallmark of the competition."


Most of his studies are co-productions with Zinar, Mikhail 1951-2021


(All his studies, more exact dates, possible corrections or cooks and exact details about sources can be found in the

Harold van der Heijden (HHdbVI))