Studies composed by

Alexander Zhukov

(Ussr, 10.1.1963)


Alexander is living now in Simferopol, Crimea,

has 139 studies in the HHdbVI database.


Vasily Lebedev issued this fine book in Russian language with 200 of his studies explained thoroughly in more than 500 pages.

Below the front and back of the hard cover and the table of contents.

Title: 111 Magic Studies by Alexander Zhukov.



About the book and the composer:

The sixth book in the Chessboard Actors series is a bit unusual. It, like all the previous ones, is composed according to the principle “One field – one composition – one pointe shoe”.

That is, for each field of the chessboard (from a1 to h8 without exception) such a work is selected that the most striking and memorable move of the decision, the culmination of the work (the so-called pointe, or the nail of the study) is done at a previously agreed point. For example, if this square is a1, then the most beautiful move will be made exactly on a1, and so on. However, there is a fundamental difference from all previous collections.
This work uses the works of only ONE author - the Simferopol chess composer Alexander Zhukov.

Alexander Khalifman:
"I found out that there is such a composer Alexander Zhukov, and had the opportunity to get acquainted with his studies. It was sensational:
That same good old study, without many tabular positions and inexplicable computer maneuvers, it turns out, is still alive!"
* * * * *
Emil Sutovsky:
"The best studies of Alexander Zhukov give us the opportunity to plunge into a fairy tale.
Magic that comes out of nowhere, the victory of spirit and intent over rough matter - this is the signature style of a great master.
I envy those who are just discovering the work of the russian etudist..."
* * * * *
Yochanan Afek:
"Alexander Zhukov is an exceptionally creative composer. His highly entertaining studies are rich in surprising tactical blows that fascinate chess enthusiasts at all levels."

More about it can be found at KasparovChess or at: Vasili Lebedev


The latest (17.1.2023) Video at YouTube is: 

250 Chess Moves by Alexander Zhukov

Chess Extravaganza



At Youtube he has a small channel:

you may find some very nice examples of Endgame Punches as he calls them:


Also Ilham Aliev has created two slide shows with each 55 studies of Alexander at YouTube:

Also at Facebook he is very active with showing Endgame Studies.


(All his studies, more exact dates, possible corrections or cooks and exact details about sources can be found in the

Harold van der Heijden (HHdbVI))


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