Studies composed by

Peter Cathcart Wason

(England, 24.4.1924 - 17.4.2003)

Born  April 22, 1924 Bath,
Institutions  University of Aberdeen, University College, London
Known for  Psychology of Reasoning
Influences  Karl Popper, Jean Piaget

Died  April 17, 2003, Wallingford, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom
Books  Psychology of Reasoning: Structure and Content, The Psychology of Chess
Alma mater  Oxford, University College London
Similar People  Philip Johnson‑Laird, William Hartston, Amos Tversky

Influenced by  Karl Popper, Jean Piaget
Peter Cathcart Wason (22 April 1924 – 17 April 2003) was a cognitive psychologist at University College, London who pioneered the Psychology of Reasoning.

He progressed explanations as to why people make certain consistent mistakes in logical reasoning.

He designed problems and tests to demonstrate these processes, for example the Wason selection task, the THOG problem and the 2-4-6 problem.

He also coined the term "confirmation bias" to describe the tendency for people to immediately favor information

that validates their preconceptions, hypotheses and personal beliefs regardless of whether they are true or not.

He did write an interesting book with William Hartston (issued in 1984) about the psychology of chess.

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