Studies composed by

Mikhail Gertsovich Kliatskin

(or Klyatskin)

(Poland, Warsaw 1896 - Ussr, Moscow 14.4.1926)


A chess composer with romantic style who worked in the Kremlin and probably saw Lenin and Stalin!
Mikhail Klyatskin was a lawyer, the last years of his life worked in the Department of Affairs of the Council of People's Commissars of the USSR,
where he headed the department of publication of laws.

Mikhail died of bronchial glands.

Mikhail Kliatskin died at the age of 30 and had shown talent with his interesting studies that will surely appeal to many chess players.


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(His older brother Isai Hertzovich Klyatskin was a prominent Soviet military figure and scientist)

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In the HHDbVI, 26 studies by him can be found.