Selection out of the more than 200 studies composed by

Alexander Hildebrand

(Sweden, 24.12.1921 - 3.8.2005).

Born in Tallinn, Estonia.

Composer, player, publicist and bibliophile born in Tallinn (Estonia), who settled in Sweden and adopted the citizenship of that country.
Journalist of political information and, of course, of chess topics.
It began to compose in 1938 with a production of approximately 500 works between problems and studies.
His works are characterized by a balanced conception between background and form; To the artistic interest of ideas corresponds the economy of the means that materialize, being a composer of many miniatures.
As evidence is the selection of Swedish miniatures in whose pages are disclosed 40 studies of its authorship
Strong player who disputed four times the Swedish championship of chess and twice the Scandinavian championship.
He was editor of "Tidskrift för Schack" between 1956 and 1961; "Sprintaren" and "Strella Polaris!
And in other specialized journals he has published about twenty works among monographs, about openings and championships
and three on studies: "Studier av Axel Ericsson" (Uppsala 1982); "Axel Akerbolm, Achackkontsnar" (Uppsala, 1989)
and in collaboration with A. Udppgren "Svenska Niniatyrer" (Uppsala, 1994) a delightful work for lovers of miniatures
He composed also more than 180 problems.

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He was International Master of the FIDE for chess composition since 1977.

He was International Judge of the FIDE for chess compositions since 1956.

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