Studies selected and corrected by Peter Krug of the Dutch composer Jan Diederik Tresling (1868-1939)

Tresling was not only very stong chessplayer, he was also a talented studycomposer.

In the book "Endgame study composing in the Netherlands and Flanders
is written:

" Tresling started his professional career in Winschoten, and became cantonal
judge in Oud-Beijerland later.
He had a withdrawn disposition, but remained ready to help others.
He was an expert on Napoleon, and published "Raondom de Binnenmaas"

... Tresling became a strong player and unofficial champion in 1898.
Under the pseudonym of Krusos, he published studies during the
period from 1906 to 1916.
Light combinations were still the main content, but the studies are
composed in such a tasteful manner that they almost attain the level of
artistic studies"

Studies selected and some corrected by Peter Krug