Selection of studies composed by

Jan van Reek

(Netherlands, 10.7.1945 - 8.8.2015).

Jan was also a very productive writer of endgamestudy books. He wrote many books for Arves.

On this picture we see him with Boris Spasski (right) , about who he wrote a book.

Jan before a villagesign of the small village REEK whereof his surname comes.

Drs. Jan van Reek was born at Oostvoorne in 1945, the son of a fruit grower. During his student days in Leyden, he studied physical chemistry for his graduation, and Böttcher, the study composer, was the professor. As a student he wrote short stories and travelled in four continents. After his graduation Van Reek carried out a survey on the social responsibility of natural scientists. Later he became a medical sociologist at the University of Limburg, and published in the international scientific journals about smoking, drinking, morbitiy and mortality.

About his career as a composer and player:

At the age of ten, Van Reek composed his first study in bed (Kb5, b6, a7 /Kb7  1.a8Q wins). Some years later, a memorial article about Henneberger inspired him to compose studies with desperado rooks. His first published study had a more prosaic theme and was awarded a third prize in 1969. Van Reek was tired of the time - consuming addictive aspect of composing and the lack of organization among composer in 1972. The time and place limitations and context of practical competitive play exerted its appeal, and the result was a rating of 2335 elo.

Van Reek as study editor:

Van Reek became study editor of Schakend Nederland in 1986. The presentation of originals for the informal tourney had to remain somewhat bare owing to limited space, but there were occasional articles for a wider public. His contacts with foreign composers inspired Van Reek to restart his work as composer. Old work was revised and new work was produced. New functions included becoming a member of the FIDE sub-comittee for the endgame study founded in 1988, and chairman of ARVES.

(Info taken from the book "Endgame study composing in the Netherlands and Flanders")




Jan issued this booklet in 1992 which contains newspaper articles written by John Selman 1938-1941 and 1947-1951.

Also this booklet was created by Jan.

It contains newspaper articles, written by Henri Weenink 1921-1931 for the "Oprechte Haarlemse Courant"


Some information about Jan on this page can be found.

An article in Dutch by his 56th age.

Jan van Reek  passed away in August 2015 in his adopted home in Ban Phu, Thailand.
Before his emigration he had lived in Margraten, South Limburg, Netherlands. 
He leaves his wife.
Information about the genealogy of his family tree wth interesting pictures is at his website.
An in memoriam can be found at Ken Whyld Association & Foundation website.


(All his studies, more exact dates, possible corrections or cooks and exact details about sources can be found in the

Harold van der Heijden (HHdbVI))