Selection of studies out of 260 composed by

František Dedrle

(Czechoslovakia/Moravia, 13.10.1878 - 28.5.1957)

John D. Beasley presented this composer in BESN Special Issue 31 where he also gave a few of his studies with commented solution and which can be read with pleasure:

"The Moravian composer and analyst František Dedrle (1878- 1957) was an all-rounder whose interests embraced problems, studies, and endgame theory.
Problemists know him from "Böhmische Schachminiaturen" (1922), from his introduction (in English) to A. C. White's book "Bohemian Garnets" on the problems of Miroslav Havel (1923), and from his trilingual book "Echo" (1927). His writings on the endgame included an article on Drtina's theory of critical squares in pawn endings (1919) and a book "Studie" (1925) containing 150 studies with detailed analysis (...)"

He was also an International Judge. Read "Böhmische Schachminiaturen" here.

Het was s composer, author and theorist born in Moravia. He began in the composition of problems, but with the passage of time it was inclined towards endgamestudies and its theoretical solution.

Dedrle was director of school, had a true vocation for teaching also in chess. His work of dissemination chess was immense and at a high level.
For many years he was the editor of the "Sach" magazine's special problems and endgame studies page.

In 1956 he was appointed international arbitrator for the artistic composition.


(All his studies, more exact dates, possible corrections or cooks and exact details about sources can be found in the

Harold van der Heijden database V (31-12-2015) ).