Selection of studies composed by

Sergey H. Kasparyan

Sergei Genrikhovich Kasparyan

(Armenia, 19.9.1952 - 13.10.2022)



Sergey H. Kasparyan was born in the family of the famous 20th century , ten times champion of Armenia Kasparyan, Genrikh 1910-1995 in 1952 in Yerevan.
From 1957 to 1963 he lived with his family in Tbilisi.

Here, at the age of 10 years he learned to play chess.
Later, after returning in 1964 in Yerevan he was engaged in a chess group, which was led by his father.
In 1967 first performs a normal chess discharge, and the following year he became the champion among schoolchildren of Yerevan and the silver medal in the youth championship of the republic.
Thrice Yerevan participates in competitions among adults.
In 1980, Sergei Kasparian performs normal candidate for master of sports.
After graduating from the Faculty of Chemical Technology of the Yerevan Polytechnic Institute in 1974, he worked for 20 years in a number of institutes in Yerevan.
In 1981 Sergey Kasparyan defends his thesis on the specialty chemical physics.
Since 1984, his father Genrikh Kasparyan began to teach at the Central Chess Club for Armenian chess composers, among whom was Sergey.
From 1986 to date Sergey has published more than 40 studies and about 25 tasks of different genres.
In the open championship on personal composition of Armenia, in the section of studies, divided S.Kasparyan 6th-8th places with GM on a composition by Ernest Pogosjants and Sergey Carlsbad (1987).
Since 1991 he participates in the team championship of the world.
Twice he participated in the individual championship of the world: in the championship in 1998-2000, with 56 participants he took 27th place.
In the championship of 2004-2006 he took 34th place with 47 participants.
In 2010, he fulfilled the norm Candidate Master of Sports in Armenia composition.


At Selivanov website his wife Marietta Danielyan, writes this obituary:


"Sergei Genrikhovich Kasparyan was born into the family of an outstanding etudist of the 20th century, 10-time champion of Armenia Heinrich Moiseevich Kasparyan (1910-1995) on September 19, 1952 in Yerevan. 

In the period 1957-1964. lived in Tbilisi, where he learned to play chess (at about the age of 10). In 1964, having returned to Yerevan, he studied in a chess group led by his father.

   In 1967, in the championship of the chess school, for the first time he completed the norm of the 1st category in chess, and the very next year he became the champion among schoolchildren in Yerevan and the silver medalist of the youth championship of the republic. In this tournament, which was held according to the Swiss system, unexpectedly for everyone, 1st place with a score of 8 points out of 8 possible was taken by G.M.Kasparyan's student Sergey Varov. Sergey Kasparyan, who was 2 points behind him, became the second winner. Looking ahead, it should be noted that in the future these chess players became seriously interested in composition, and creative cooperation between them lasted for almost 20 years.

   In 1969, the USSR Junior Team Championship was held in Yerevan. In the semi-finals, Sergey Kasparyan brought a decisive point to the Armenian team, which, having got into the final part, where 1-6 places were played, managed to take the honorable 4th place (among 17 teams).

   In the same 1969, Sergei entered the Faculty of Chemical Technology of the Yerevan Polytechnic Institute, and in 1972, for excellent studies, he was sent to specialize in combustion and chemical kinetics at the branch of the Moscow Institute of Chemical Physics (in Chernogolovka). After graduating from the institute (in 1974) he worked for 20 years in a number of institutes in Yerevan.

   Studying as a student, and since 1975 as a graduate student in such a prestigious institute, leaves little time for chess composition. In 1981 he became a candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, in the same year he fulfilled the norm of a candidate for a master of sports in chess, and since 1984 he began to actively participate in the classes of chess composers at the Central Chess Club of Yerevan, which until the 90s were conducted by his father Heinrich Moiseevich. Here it is appropriate to quote an afterword from G. Hakobyan's book “The Wizard of Chess”, Yerevan, 1981. “Sergey, a candidate master, at one time played in tournaments. As a child, he even made a couple of sketches that were not published. The father understands well: passion for something should arise naturally, without administration. Therefore, he never tried to impose his hobbies on his son. As for joint analyzes of positions from etudes and parts with my son,

Since 1986 Sergey Kasparyan has published more than 40 studies and about 25 works of other genres. 

Since 1991 he has been participating in the World Team Championships. Twice participated in the World Individual Championships in the etudes section: in 1998-2000. took 27th place (among 56 participants), in 2004-2006. took 34th place (among 47 participants). In 2010, he fulfilled the standard of a candidate for master of sports in composition.

   He composed mostly light-figure sketches. He also liked the struggle of minor pieces against different forces in etudes for checkmate, stalemate, positional draw with elements of domination.


(All his studies, more exact dates, possible corrections or cooks and exact details about sources can be found in the

Harold van der Heijden (HHdbVI))