Selection of studies composed by

Sergey Vasylijevich Varov

(Armenia, 12.9.1951-2005)

Sergey was born on 12 september 12 1951 in the city of Uzhgorod (Ukraine).
After the family moved to Yerevan, Sergey attended the 69th high school, which he successfully graduated in 1968.
Besides chess, the inquisitive boy was interested in literature and serious books about number-theory and history.
After several years of studying chess in the group, which was led by Kasparyan, Genrikh 1910-1995,

Sergey carries the 2nd category, and in 1968 took part in the Junior Championships of Armenia.
Showing a perfect game, his result of 8 points out of 8 possible becomes the youth champion of the republic, with 2nd place Kasparyan, Sergey 1952, behind him two points.
Of course, for such a great success, he immediately was included in the youth team of Armenia.
But Sergey who was preparing for final exams consist of the qualifying tournament, in which he, alas, played poorly.
After graduating from high school, he served two years in the Soviet Army,

after which in the 1970s for several years he lived in Leningrad, where he makes his first problems and studies.
After returning to Armenia Sergey for two decades worked as an instructor at the Central House of Chess in Armenia.
In the journal "Shahmatain Hayastan" published his first chessproblem (1974),
As well as the first endgamestudy (1978), marked by the All-Union Competition III honorary Reviews (1979),
in which the struggle of the white bishop against rook and pawn leads to a position of mutual zugzwang, having great importance for the endgame theory.
This inexhaustible topic was opened by D.Elekesom to win for his sketch IV prize at the competition in Munich in 1936.
Sergey one of the first continued the promising topic.
Later in the 1980s and 1990s known study composers Kopnin, Aleksei 1918-1991 

and V.Kondratev published dozens of studies with the balance of forces, as well as several articles on the subject.
The first part in a major international competition "Georgia-50" brings him great success - III prize.
Since 1984, Sergey actively involved in the classroom Armenian chess composers who was lead by G.Kasparyan.
During these years, he starts his creative collaboration with Sergey Kasparyan.
Already in 1986, their combined study II receives a prize in the journal "Revista de max",

and the other study marks the I-II prize at the competition TSDSHK (Armenia)

and later shown in "the FIDE Album" for 1985-1988.
About 20 years lasted this collaboration an they up to 8 joint studies and wrote the article "Study and Endgame" (1991).
After the collapse of the USSR heavy living conditions lead to the deterioration of Sergey and his creative activity.
Nevertheless, it contributes to successful performance of the Armenian team out of the competition in the team championship of Russia

and in the V world championship team.
Sergey, along with well-known study composer Amiryan, Hamlet 1934-2013 

and A.Manvelyan (1946-2015) are the worthy followers of G.Kasparyan.


(All his studies, more exact dates, possible corrections or cooks and exact details about sources can be found in the

Harold van der Heijden database V (31-12-2015) )