Studies composed by

Johannes Klaas Veurman

(The Netherlands, 20.4.1909 - 14.5.1940)

He was a teacher at the Water School Born in Bloemendaal, born on April 20 1909, Leersum and killed in action on May 14, 1940.

He was then Sergeant Fourier in 10th Infantry regiment.


Johannes Klaas Veurman was born in 1909 at Sleen, was schoolteacher at Bloemdaal, and played

with his friend Marwitz in the first team of HSG. He composed some studies of great aesthetic value.

Veurman fell during the defense of the Grebbeberg line.

Marwitz wrote an in memoriaam in Tijdschrift and devoted his first prize of 1940 to him.

After the war Veurman´s heroic death was mentioned in book "Partiij verloren...".

Veurman died in battle on the 14th of May at Leersum.

(Info taken: Endgame study composing in the Netherlands and Flanders by Jan van Reek and Henk van Donk)


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