Studies composed by

Andriy (or Andrej) Frolkin

(Ukraine, 12.5.1957)

Andriy Frolkin with his son Alex (Pula, 2000)

Left to right: Michel Caillaud, Andriy Frolkin, Oleksiy (Alex) Frolkin, Igor Vereshchagin

(St. Petersburg, 1998).

Andriy Frolkin was born in Kyiv in 1957.
International Master for Chess Composition (since 2009), one of the world’s leading retro composers.
Professional translation from/to English and German; His first translation dates back to 1975.
He was the best mathematician among the pupils of his secondary school and based on achievements at school, he was awarded the gold medal.
He got interested in chess composition at the age of 7, when he solved a #2 on his own.
He learned about retroanalysis in 1968 and in 1974 he received the 1st Prize in a theme tourney.
So far, he has published about 2,000 compositions of various genres, collecting about 100 first prizes.
5th WCCT winner as a member of the Ukrainian team; 2010 World Cup winner (in retroanalysis);
2nd and 3rd places in subsequent World Cups.
Frolkin particularly likes collective composing;
his composing partners include well-known composers such as А. Kornilov, J. Crusats, K. Prentos, R. Osorio, N. Dupont, N. Beluhov, D. Pronkin, and many others (more than 70).
He is a judge of 6 FIDE Albums and of 2 WCCIs.
Author of a book on SPGs (co-written with Gerd Wilts; published in Germany in 1991).
Favorite own problem: SPG of record length (in 57.5 moves; composed with D. Pronkin, Die Schwalbe, 1989), voted Best Retro of the 2nd Millennium by Probleemblad readers.
His interests include music (primarily rock), philosophy, detective stories, meteorology and environmental protection.
He is guided by René Descartes' recommendation to “doubt, as far as possible, all things.”

(All his studies, more exact dates, possible corrections or cooks and exact details about sources can be found in the

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