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Elias Stein

(France, 5.2.1748 - 12.9.1812, Netherlands)

He was a chess teacher of the sons of the Dutch Stadhouder Willem V including the later King Willem I.

He involved the chess strategy in the war strategy and treated both subjects as a game.

He also came up with the idea of answering the first move of the queenpawn d2-d4 with the move f7-f5, resulting in the Dutch opening.

Friedrich Wilhelm von Mauvillon, who published a book in 1827 about the chess game, writes in Stein's introduction of this work:

"He has never found his master and has been separated as an unconquered chess player of this world."

Not only the princes in the city court, but also many others, including numerous foreign envoys in The Hague, wanted to follow chess lessons at Elias Stein.

According to Von Mauvillon, you did not count as a chess player until about 1800 when you had been following Stein's chess lessons.

More about can be found at Wikipedia, Dutch Wikipedia or  at (dutch) Stichting Joods Erfgoed Den Haag.

He wrote books about chess:

New essay about the game of chess (1789).

There are reprints of his books available.

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