Studies composed by

Manfred Zucker

(Germany, 15.04.1938 - 23.10.2013)

He was a FIDE master for chesscomposition since 1990.

He was International Judge of the FIDE for chess compositions since 1972.

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Manfred Zucker was the editor of the "Probleme und studien"column in Schach from April 1973 until 2000 and has become the editor of the moremovers and selfmates column in Problem-Forum. He is also an International Judge.
Martin Hoffmann wrote Manfred Zucker's portrait in "Das Porträt: Manfred Zucker, Chemnitz" published in Schweizerische Schachzeitung which can be read online here.

Fritz Hoffmann, Günter Schiller, Karl-Heinz Siehndel and Manfred Zucker wrote "407 Aufgaben und Studien" in 1984.
Manfred Zucker composed moremovers and selfmates, as well as some studies.

More about him also can be found at German Wikipedia and also an extended article about him in German Language at DieSchwalbe.

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