Selection out of 18 studies composed by

Harri Heikki Veikko Hurme

(Finland, 2.6.1945 - 23.9.2019)

Harri (left) with Jonathan Mestel (right) in Wageningen, 2006.

He is FIDE Master for chess compositions since 2010.

He is International Solving Master of the FIDE since 1993.

At chesscomposeblogspot you can read:

Harry Hurme is solving IM and has a varied repertoire: he composes direct mates, studies, selfmates, reflexmates and helpmates.

Harri did send the following personal data:

"I noticed in a recent EG that dr Erich Zepler was expert on radios. I made my MSc diploma work on radio engineering. I have also a career in otb chess, three times silver medal in Finnish championship and five times national champion on senior otb chess. I have been also involved in chess organizations, 20 years in the board of the Finnish central chess federation, out which four years as chairman. Since Matti Myllyniemi passed away in 1986 I have been the vice chairman of ST (Finnish problem chess organization). Besides player and composer I am also solver. I have collected altogether 24 medals in World championships and European championships, most of them in team events, even some senior playing medals included in that number. I am married and we have one daughter."

Harri was an IM solver and a FIDE master for compositions with 12,83 FIDE Album points. He was also a FIDE master in OTB chess and represented Finland in many international competitions, including three Chess Olympiads.
Harri was the vice chairman of the Finnish Chess Problem Society for more than three decades and participated actively in PCCC/WFCC congresses. His first participation was in 1978 and Vilnius congress in August 2019 was his last one. He was in the Finnish solving team in almost every WCSC competition, winning several team medals and an individual bronze in Bratislava 1993.

(All his studies, more exact dates, possible corrections or cooks and exact details about sources can be found in the

Harold van der Heijden database V (31-12-2015) )