Study of the Year 2010

During the WFCC meeting in Jesi, Italy, the endgame study subcommittee members almost unanimously
selected the following study from 2010 as the best one for promoting endgame studies to a general chess public.
Composers: Sergiy Didukh (Ukraine) & Siegfried Hornecker (Germany)
1st Honourable Mention Olympia Dunyasi 2010
Endgame studycommittee, Studyof the Year2010
•Not(per se) the best studyof the year, but the one that appeals best to a general chesspublic (promotion)
•Endgame studycommittee (Ilham Aliyev, Marcel Van Herck, David Gurgenidze, Harold van der Heijden)
•10 candidates
•Almost unanimously

In this PDF Document the decision and complete explanation about the Study of the year 2010.

white plays and makes a draw.