Selection of studies composed by

Noam David Elkies

(USA/Israel, 25.8.1966)

He is an American mathematican and chess master.

More information about him on Wikipedia.

He also plays the piano, here an example on youtube.

Studies selected by Peter Krug.

On the website of Edward de Winter #4911 he writes about him:

The book Endgame Virtuosity – a Collection of 222 Israeli Chess Studies (Vienna, 1996) gives some biographical details about Elkies, a true mathematics genius.

{...} He gained a doctorate in mathematics in 1987 and became, in 1993, the youngest-ever full professor of Harvard.

Singh’s book (page 178) describes how, in 1988, Elkies refuted the 200-year-old Euler’s Proposition.


He is International Solving Grandmaster of the FIDE since 2001.

He is International Solving Master of the FIDE since 1996.

He has been World Champion in Chess Solving in 1996.

(All his studies, more exact dates, possible corrections or cooks and exact details about sources can be found in the

Harold van der Heijden database V (31-12-2015) )