Selection out of 67 studies composed by

Alexey Mefodievich Belenky (Ukraine, 8.3.1905-1986).

Known Ukrainian composer born in Kiev, where he studied music, he settled in Moscow and practiced the profession of piano concertista. He began in chess composition in 1941, and although his total production is not too abundant (estimated to have composed about 40 works, half with subjects of drowning), it can be said that he was passionate about the Study, which also extended his activity in the field with several theoretical essays and some corrections of failed works of other composers. Belenki's works, eight of which appear in various FIDE Albums, are often distinguished by the subtlety of ideas and the sobriety of performance, a trend that in its maturity came to the extreme synthesis of the struggle between minor pieces without pawns, and sometimes in miniatures, where pike the best of its classic style.

Source: “El arte del Estudio del Ajedrez”- T.IV (Ex Unión Sovietica) Autor: Zoilo R. Caputto- Bs.As. (Argentina) - 1996.

EG index gives the following interesting reference to an article in EG about him:

Belenky, A.M. Shakhmaty v SSSR 1974 377 (46)

Study selection by Mario Garcia.

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