Studies composed by 

Peter Boll

(28.3.1958, The Netherlands).


He is the webmaster of this Arves website, which started in 2004.

He has taken care of almost all the content available on this website.

He is also an ICCF Correspondence Grandmaster in Chess, although he does not practise this form of chess anymore after taking part in the worldchampionship XIV final.


He works for Van Lanschot Bank in a "Business Process Management and IT" role, where in he has a Master of Science (Msc) degree.

He also created the following Endgame studies:

The first study is dedicated to chessfriend Pieter Goossens with whom I replayed many endgame studies.


An interesting and surprising King-manoeuvre with all the material of white sacrificed to decoy the black bishop to get the only pawn left to Queen. 

Only a long king march makes it possible to get to pawn b2.

Two known ideas are combined in this study.

Not very difficult but still you have to figure out why 3.Kf8 is the only winning move.



Alexander Zhukov  has composed 3 original and brilliant studies dedicated to me,

(webmaster of Arves) for my 65th birthday anniversary !

Thank you very much Alexander !!!