Selected studies composed by

Hans Cohn Silber

(Germany/Guatemala, 15.12.1898-5.11.1964)

He is born  15.12.1897 in Breslau and died  5.11.1964  in Guatemala.

(Infos taken from German Wikpedia

Hans was the son of Sigmund Cohn and Rosa geb. Silber. Little is known of his youth.
In 1929 he decided to emigrate to escape the persecution of Jews in Germany.
His ship's journey ended in the port of Puerto Barrios in Guatemala.
He initially worked as a language teacher for German, English and Yiddish.
His Polish wife, Elizabeth Pollag, found work as a cook in the British Embassy.
He later became a sports editor.
He gave up his intention to move to the United States and settled down in Guatemala in 1930.
 He published three books: "Lances humorísticos de chess" (1938); "Latin American Masters and Artistic Finals" (1940) and "Chess in Guatemala (1947).
Also information about him can be found at French Wikipedia and magazine Die Schwalbe.

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