Studies composed by

Ignazio Calvi

(Italy, 21.1.1797 - 17.8.1872)

(Reggio nell’Emilia, 21.1.1797- Finale Emilia, 17.8.1872)

Italian player and composer.
During a stay of about 14 years in France as a political refugee he became a leading player at the Cafè de La Regence
and drew a match with Kieseritzky (+7 =1 -7) in 1845.
His many contributions to Le Palamede include opening analyses and his own compositions.
Returning to Italy in 1845 he joined the army, rose to the rank of major, retired in 1862, and, putting to use his early training in chemistry, he became a pharmacist.
(taken from The Oxford Companion to Chess by D. Hooper and K. Whyld, Oxford University Press, 1987, page 54).

Ignazio Calvi (1797-1872) from Modena, Italy, was the first to apply promotions to Bishop and Rook in two endgame studies in 1836.
(taken from Pawn Promotion to Bishop or Rook in the Endgame Study by H. van der Heijden, New in Chess, 1996, page 15).


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