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George Koltanowski

(Belgium, 17.9.1903 - 5.2.2000 USA)

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George Koltanowski (also "Georges"; 17 September 1903 – 5 February 2000) was a Belgian-born American chess player, promoter, and writer.
He was informally known as "Kolty". Koltanowski set the world's blindfold record on 20 September 1937, in Edinburgh,
by playing 34 chess games simultaneously while blindfolded, making headline news around the world.
He also set a record in 1960 for playing 56 consecutive blindfold games at ten seconds per move.

He became Internatonal Master in 1950 and honory Grandmaster in 1988.

More about him can be found at various places like Carolus Chess.

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