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update: 9-10-2021


New issue of EG 226 is coming:




The results of the  Chess Artistry Competition in memory of Pal Benko are showed here

by some nice online interviews by Judit Polgar

with John Nunn, Vladimir Kramnik, Yochanan Afek, Harold van der Heijden,

Ben Smolkin, Marjan Kovacevic, Itay Richardson.


The winner of the torunament is Sergiy Didukh

2nd prize for Yuri Bazlov

and 5 more prizes, 7 Honorable Mentions

and 6 Commendations.

You can replay all the studies from here: Benko MT 2021 


The memorial tournament Yuri Belyakin 100 MT 2021 is won by Sergey Osintsev

2nd prize for Petr Kiryakov with Martin Minski.


The winner of the FIDE 9th World Cup 2021 is Aleksandr Stavrietsky

2nd prize is for Vladislav Tarasiuk

3rd prize winner is Jan Timman


The Jubilee Tournament Polasek Vlasak 64 JT is won by Martin Minski.

2nd/3rd prices shared by Oleg Pervakov and Geir Sune Tallaksen Ostmoe

4th prize to Yuri Bazlov

5th prize for Ludek Sedlak


A new issue of Finales Y Temas (in spanish)  by José Copié:

Finales Y Temas 118


You may find and download Variantim-84 from The Israeli Chess Society website

with The Reti study at 100 by Gady Costeff

and Israeli study successes abroad  by Michael Pasman.


In the Polish Chess Fed 2020 tournament the first prize winner is Gady Costeff

with a spectacular positional draw with two black Queens against a Knight and Bishop,

Second prize is won by Vladimir Kuzmichev with a miniature.

3rd prize goes to Marek Halski.


In the UAPA 14th 2021 tournament for the thematic section: Fortress, the winner is Sergey Osintsev.

In the free sections Win and Draw interesting studies can be found.


In the Platov 140 MT tournament the 1st prize winner is Sergey Didukh.

2nd prize is for Luis Miguel Gonzales.

3rd prize goes to Steffen Nielsen.


Announcement: 5th Youth Chess Composing Challenge:

All young chess composers, and those who would like to try their hands in this kind of chess art,

are invited to take part in three different sections (two of them with the set thematic conditions)!

The deadline for submission of the entries is 30th September.
The results are planned to be announced on 22th October 2021,

during the Closing ceremony of the Rhodes WCCC 2021.

See also this interesting report about it at Chessbase by Frederic Friedel.


Marc Bourzutschky presents analyses of the

 8-men Tablebase explorations “opposing 1 pawn” endgames


For the memorial tournament of the birthday of Henri Rinck 150 there were two sections.

In the Free Theme section A the winners are: 

1st prize: Amatzia Avni with Yochanan Afek.

2nd prize for: Oleg Pervakov wth Karen Sumbatyan

3rd prize to: Yuri Bazlov.

Henri Rinck 150 MT 2020 A


In Section B: "Studies after compositions of Rinck, Henri 1870-1952 "

the prize winners are:

Daniel Keith with Pavel Arestov

Henri Ricnk 150 MT 2020 B


Winners of the Magazine Zadachy i Etyudy 2020 tournament are

SN.Tkachenko with K.Shevchenko


Four yet unknown studies of Jan Timman:

Dutch composers and unknown studies of Jan Timman.


In the Springaren 2019-2020 tournament

the first prize winner is Michael Pasman.

2nd prize for Lubos Kekely and Michal Hlinka and

3rd prize goes to Amatzia Avni and Vladislav Tarasiuk.


20 July is International Chess Day !


Peter Krug is free again and here he shows his inspirational view in Hallein (A), he uses to create studies like this one.



Peter Krug in Braunau-prison but still composing.

He lost his job and all of his money due to the Corona hard restrictions.

He refused to comply.


Prelimenary results of the Problem Paradise 2020 Tournament.

In the section Win-studies the winners are Peter Krug and Petr Kyryakov with Pavel Arestov

In the section Draw-studies the winner is Jan Timman.


At Netflix the french movie Joueuse (2009) is available.

In English the name is Queen to Play. 

Chess played by women is popular at the moment.

The chess setting, moves and games look technicaly OK.



Recomended to inspire others to learn and play chess.


Martin Minski wins 1st prize in the StrateGems 2020

All studies now replayable


The Georgian tournament where 5 Composers are memorized,

has the preliminary results issued.

The tournaments consisted of five themes dedicated to each composer.
1) Gia Nadareishvili – Fight against black Queen

Georgia In Memory of Generation - Nadareishvili

Winners for Section 1 are: Sergei Didukh and Yuri Bazlov


2) Iosif Krikheli – Studies with thematic false attempt 

Georgia In Memory of Generation - Krikheli

Winner of Section 2 is: Oleg Pervakov with Michael Gromov


3) Velimir Kalandadze – Rook endgame studies 

Georgia In Memory of Generation - Kalandadze

Winner of Section 3 is: Jan Timman


4) Vazha Neidze – Stalemate studies

Georgia In Memory of Generation - Neidze

Winner of Section 4 is: Yuri Bazlov


5) Iuri Akobia – Checkmate studies 

 Georgia In Memory of Generation - Akobia

Winner of Section 5 is: Martin Minski with Jan Sprenger



New book issued by Ilham Aliev (together with Shaig Guliyev):


In the new book (200 pages, 165x240) by Ilham Aliev (together with Shaig Guliyev)

"THE Mysterious PAWN",

one can get acquainted with the mysterious world of the pawn.

The 5-part book contains over 600 examples: opening traps, games, combinations, endgame positions and 67 studies.

     The book is intended for a wide range of readers - from amateur to high-level chess players.




Section 4: ENDGAMES. 


Azerbaijan Chess Composition Commission
Ilham Aliev, E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Hikaru Nakamura tests Garry Kasparov with solving Endgame studies !



19 may 2021 an article in the Daily Telegraph (British) newspaper

with a tribute to the EG-Magazine,

written by Macolm Pein:


 CQL 6.1 beta is available from 

Lewis Stiller and Gady Costeff recommend to use this version.



Yuri Bazlov wins the 1st prize in the Shakhmatnaya Kompozitsia 2020 tournament, 

2nd prize for Sergei Didukh,

3rd prize to Alexander Stavrietsky with VladislavTarasiuk and

4th prize to Sprenger, Jan 1982.


Winner of the 1st prize in the tournament: Curierul Problemistic 2018-2020 is Martin Minski.

Second prize for Pjotr Murdzia with Martin Minski (as well),

3rd prize for Vladimir Samilo.


Judit Polgar organizes a Chess Artistry Festival, see also at the Tournament Calendar

Closing date 31 July 2021!


 Israeli magazine Variantim 83  is now available with studies by Alexander Zhukov and

the preliminary results of the Israeli Ring 2020 tournament:

1st prize winners Steffen Nielsen and Martin Minski.

2nd prize for Pavel Arestov and Petr Kiryakov.


Problemist of Ukraine 2019-2020 preliminary award available.

1st prize for Pavel Arestov. 2nd prize for Amatzia Avni and Martin Minski.

Studies to replay: Problemist Ukraine 2019-2020


Prize winners in the Phenix 2020 magazine tournament are:

Peter Gyarmaty with Mario Garcia and

Marco Campioli.


Marc Bourzutschky presents the 8-men Tablebase: first explorations

Interesting new cooks, some new studies and some very long lines.


The first prize winners of the Probleemblad 2019-2020 tournament

are Steffen Nielsen and Martin Minski

with interesting Nowotny elements,

2nd prize goes to Michal Hlinka and Mario Garcia,

3rd prize winner is (also) for Steffen Nielsen,

4th prize goes to David Gurgenidze,

5th prize is for the duo Lubos Kekely and Michal Hlinka.

Probleemblad 2019-2020


In the Issue 52 of the Fairy chess magazine Quartz,

there is an article with many chess studies with the Domination Theme.


First part of this article:



There is also an article (page 875) with corrected studies by Paul Rãican.



Steffen Nielsen with Martin Minski win the first prize of the Magyar Sakkvilag 2020 Magazine tournament 2020.

Second prize goes to Yuri Bazlov.


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Steffen Nielsen is the winner of the magazine Probleemblad 2017-2018 tournament.

Second prize for Oleg Pervakov.

3rd/4th prize to Peter Krug and Emil Melnichenko.


Peter Krug with Mario Garcia win the Vratnica-64 2019-2020 Magazine Tournament.

Second prize for Martin Minski.

Vratnica-64 2019-2020


Peter Krug (left) teaching Chess by showing some beauty Endgame studies:

The black Rook is just attacked by the White King, where to go?


The tournament of Československý šach 2020 is won by Andrzej Jasik,

2nd prize for Amatzia Avni

and 3rd prize to David Gurgenidze with Važa Neidze.

You may find the report (in Czech language) in the Award Files section.


Young Talent Composing;

At the website of Chessbase a nice article by Gady Costeff about young Chess composers:



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Steffen Nielsen with Martin Minski win the Vratnica-64 2016-2018



For the Russian magazine Zadachy-i-Etyudy tournament

the award for 2019 is available: 

Zadachy-i-Etyudy 2019

Winners Mario Garcia with Peter Krug.

2nd prize: Vladislav Tarasiuk,

3rd prize: Amatzia Avni and Martin Minski


Alexey Popov and Pavel Arestov share the first/second prize

in the Vecherny Petersburg 2020 tournament.



Article 1500 has been created at this website !


Its about the ChessStar 2020 tournament award.

In 3 sections the winners are:

Peter Krug in the section of Win studies "up to 10 Pieces",

2nd prize goes to Pavel Arestov with Alexander Zhukov,

3rd prize to Richard Becker.


In the section Win studies with theme "more than 10 pieces":

1st prize goes to Sergey Osintsev,

2nd prize to Lubos kekely with Michal Hlinka,

3rd prize for Sergei Didukh.


In the section Draw studies the prize winners share the prizes 1-3: 

Vladilav Tarasiuk with Pavel Arestov, Jan Timman and Richard Becker.

Sergei Didukh wins the first prize in the 64-Shakhmatnoe-Obozrenie-2020 tournament.

Second prize for Peter Krug.

Third prize for Pavel Arestov with Petr Kiryakov.

64-Shakhmatnoe Obozrenie 2020


As mentioned before: at the

Chessbase website, Siegfried Hornecker

publishes each month an article with a study with interesting history.


 The results of 13th UAPA 2020 tournament:

In the theme section "One or two Rooks aganst Queen", the winner is Peter Krug with Pavel Arestov.

In the Win section: the winner is: Pavel Arestov with Daniel Keith.

In the Draw section: the winner is: Michael Pasman.

Replay at UAPA 13th 2020


Sad news: Mikhail Zinar, "pawn-endgame composer", has died yesterday (4.2.2021).

Zinar, Mikhail 1951-2021

More also about him at (Russian website):


Watch the very popular Netflix miniserie The Queen's Gambit (trailer), with very good chess acting.

A very nice drama with a lot of mixed chesshistory and also very good real chess quality.

Highly recommended to watch now during these winter days.




In the very popular Netflix miniserie The Queen's Gambit (trailer), the Russian player Borgov is an expert at Endgames.

A very nice drama with a lot of mixed chesshistory and very good chess quality.

Highly recommended!


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L. Prokes 1934

White plays and makes a draw!


More animated studies are found on this website. Look around...




Bone,W 1904

White plays and wins.


Carousel or Merry-go-round