Book review of:

"The Pawn Study Composer's Manual", by the late Zinar, Mikhail 1951-2021

Sergei Tkachenko (Tkachenko, Sergey N 1963) has edited and issued a new release of this book in the English language in November 2022.

The first edition was titled in Russian: "Harmony of the Pawn Study" and had 100.000 prints and was published in Ukraine in 1990.

This new release has about 140 new studies and a new chapter on the "logic" of pawn studies is added.

The hardcover book is very handsome to use. It has almost 300 pages and contains about 400 studies.

I also did read the Interactive eBook at  Forward Chess.


After reading and exercising this book you may know all the finesses of Pawn Endgames.

It contains almost 300 pages and 400 Chess Endgame studies (of course mainly about Pawn endgames) in good English.

The examples are explained easily to understand.

In the first two chapters all maneuvers and techniques are explained.

In the smaller chapter 3 the artistic requirements of an endgame study are explained for if you are going to compose.

Where in chapter 4 the Practise of Composing is explained.

In the last chapter 5 your ability of solving is tested.


Below the preface, Table of Contents and the Back Cover:



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 Peter Boll.