Silent witnesses of Endgamestudy authors.

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Lucena, Luis Ramirez 1465-1530


Essai Sur Le Jeu Des Echecs 1737 by Philippe Stamma

Stamma, Philipp 1705-1755

          Philippe Stamma, his signature.



Because he published his first book, Sopra il Giuoco degli Scacchi Osservazione Pratiche d'Anonimo Autore Modenese,

anonymously as the title suggests, he has been referred to as the Anonymous Modenese.

Ercole del Rio

Signature of Del Rio, Ercole 1718-1802.

 Giambatista Lolli (1698-1769) , 1763

Lolli, Giambatista 1698-1769




Analyse du Jeu D'Echecs, by Andre Philidor, 1776

Philidor, François 1726-1795





'La Guerra degli Scacchi, ('The War of the Chessmen'), written (but never before published)

by Ercole del Rio around 1800,

shortly before his death, and now edited and translated by Christopher Bennett Becker of Hamden,

Connecticut, USA, 1984.


Ein hunderd zehn Schach End spiele, Joseph Dollinger, Wien 1806.

(110 Chess Endgames, by Joseph Dollinger, Vienna 1806).



Kling und Horwitz - Chess Studies or Endings of Games 1851 (available as PDF !).

See also: Kling, Josef 1811-1876

Thanks to Hornecker, Siegfried available as PDF.



"Euclid" is pseudoniem van Alfred Crosskill

(Beverley, Engeland *21-4-1829 tot +5-5-1904)

Analysis of the chess ending, king and queen against king and rook.

Edited by E. Freeborough, London), 1895, xii, 120p.:

A comprehensive analysis of how to win with king and queen

against king and rook, without pawns or other pieces.

The author has classified all types of position with subsequent winning procedure.


Henri Rinck: 150 Endspielstudien. - 150 Fins de Partie.

Mit dem Bildnis des Verfassers und einem Vorwort von Johann Berger.

Leipzig (Veit), 1909. xxix, 302p. front. (port.)


Henri Rinck: idem. Zweite Auflage/2e edition.

Mit einem Vorwort von J. Berger. Leipzig, 1913. xxix, 302p. front. (port.)

Henri Rinck, 300 Fins De Partie



Marcel Joseph Lamare, 1924.


Henri Rinck: 700 Fins de Partie. (4eédition de “150 fins de partie”). [Barcelona]

(Tip. La AcadEmica), 1927. xxxii, 541p.

More aboot: Rinck, Henri 1870-1952


Frederic Lazard, 1929


Johannes Kohtz & Carl Kockelkorn: Das Indische Problem - Eine Schachstudie
Unveränderter Nachdruck Leipzig 1930er Jahre (laut Martin Stamer, Eurochess)

Thanks to Siegfried Hornecker available as PDF.

Marcel Duchamps and Halberstadt, Vitaly 1903-1967, 1930.




Herbstmann, Alexander 1900-1982,  

The Chess-study in our days, 1936 / 1943.


L.A Kubbel, 250 Izbrannyh Etjudow, Moskwa 1938

More about: Kubbel, Leonid 1891-1942


Endgames and Problems, 1938

by Kok, Theo 1906-1999

Schaakpartij en Compositie, ca. 1940.

by Herbstmann, Alexander 1900-1982.

Basic Chess Endings, by Fine, Reuben 1914-1993 27.10.1941.



Lettercards from Rinck to J. Selman Jr. dated: La Napoul, 7 november 1938 and Barcelona, 26 november 1947.

More about: Selman, John 1910-1978


Henri Rinck: Las sorpresas de la teoria – Les Surprises de la théorie.

111 finales. Madrid (Ed. Dossat), 1947. xix, 258p.


Rinck, Henri 1870-1952 and Malpas, Louis 1893-1973:  

Dame contre tour et cavalier 1947.


Henri Rinck: 1414 Fins de Partie. (5eédition de “150 fins de partie”).

Barcelona (Tip. La AcadEmica), 1950, xxxii, 768p.

‘1414’ idem. Reprint. Zürich (Olms), 1982. 804p.





 Idei Noi in Sahul Artistic 
147 endgame studies, Tineretului. Bucuresti, Romania, 1956

More about: Farago, Paul 1886-1970


Les Echecs Artistiques, Andre Cheron, 1957.

More about: Chéron, André 1895-1980


Hippische Hogeschool, 1961

by Selman, John 1910-1978

Schachcompositionen 1961,

by E.I. Umnow.


Roycroft, Arthur John, Test Tube Chess, 1972.

Kasparyan, Genrikh 1910-1995,

Domination in 2545, Endgame studies, 1974 / 1980.


Korn, Walter 1908-1997, American Chess Art, 1975.


De magische schaakfiguren, 1976

by Hans Bouwmeester and Spinhoven, Frederik 1908-1989


Geschift werk, 1982,

by Van den Ende, Johan 1902-2002.

Leonid Kubbel's Chess Endgame Studies, 1984

by Whitworth, Timothy 1932



Selman, John 1910-1978,




British Endgame study news 1991 

by Beasley, John 1940

Ausgewahlte Endspielstudien, 1995.

by Timman, Jan 1951.

The Complete Studies of Genrikh Kasparyan, 1997,

by Roycroft, Arthur John 1929.

Grondijs, Harrie         

                NeverEnding (1994) and Never Ending B (2002)                      



Troitzky, Alexei 1866-1942

360 Briliant and instructive end games.


M.A.Sutherland and Lommer, Harold 1904-1980,

1234 Modern Endgame studies 1961;1968

This book is as an eBook avaliable for free at



   Bondarenko, Filip 1905-1993,

Galereja Shakhmatnik Etjudistov 1968



Basic Endgames by Yuri Balasjov and Eduard Prandstetter.



Eindspelen, by Henri Weenink



Chess Archive of Macek.


G.M. Kasparyan

Shachmatnie Etude

G.M. Kasparyan

Shachmatnie Etude

G.M. Kasparyan

Razwitie etude idei

(Development of study ideas)


G.M. Kasparyan

Pozicionnaya nichja

(Draw positions)


          Norman T. Whitaker and Glenn Hartleb , 1960

Ausgewahlte Endpsiele / Selected Endings.

(in English and German)



Bron, Vladimir 1909-1985

Selected studies and tasks, 1969

555 Miniatures

by Henry Kasparyan (1975)


Lommer, Harold 1904-1980

1357 End-game Studies.

I. Rozenfeld, 1981

Schaak studies



The Chess Endgame Study, 1981

by Roycroft, Arthur John 1929


Spinhoven, Frederik 1908-1989 and Bondarenko, Filip 1905-1993,

The battle between Bishop and Rook, 1983


Etjudy Stati Analizi, G.M.Kasparjan, Fizkultura i Sport,

Moskwa 1988, (Russian language).


Caputto, Zoilo 1923

The Art of Endgame studies in Chess, 1992-2000.


Teun Balemans, The composition of an endgame, 1993

More about: Balemans, Teun


Jan van Reek

This lovingly equipped volume incorporates 3 works of the author in German translation:

“Miniaturen / Schachfiguren in der Endspielstudie /

Die ultramoderne Endspielstudie” (Miniatures /

Chessmen in the Endgame Study / The Ultra Modern Endgame Study);

including a foreword by Harrie Grondijs (Koblenz 1993; 238 pp.).

Jan van Reek has written and published numerous books on endgame studies,

you will get to know more about him by visiting his homepage.

More about: Van Reek, Jan 1945-2015



Robert Timmer, 130 beautiful endgamestudies, 1994  


 Iuri Akobia, 1995

 Endgame Magic, John Beasleay and Timothy Withworth (1996).

2nd Edition issued in 2017 see below.

WCCT Wageningen, 2001.


Endgame Challenge 2002,

by Nunn, John 1955


No Rook Unturned, 2004,

by Grondijs, Harrie 1946

Im Andras Meszaros, 2007

1,000 Endgame Studies regrouped in 36 categories.
The solutions are presented at the end of the book so as not to distract you when solving the study from the diagram.
Studies from famous composers like Kubbel, Troitzky, Rinck, Herbstmann and many others are included.
The far majority of the studies show positions that could easily come from a normal games, making them excellent training positions!

"A simple position with an extraordinary content", gave Richard Réti as the definition of a study.


Mark Dvoretsky and Oleg Pervakov, Studies for the Practical Players, 2009.

More about: Pervakov, Oleg



Iuri Akobia, 2010

More about: Akobia, Iuri 1937-2014


A study a Piece, Gerhard Josten (2010).

More about: Josten, Gerhard



Jan Timman, The art of the Endgame, 2011

All through his career Jan Timman has been captivated by the mystery and splendour of endgame studies.

Even during his most successful and busy years as a world class player, Timman continued to compose studies and admire those of others.

For him there has never been any doubt that the journeys in this magical world helped him to grow as a player.

In this fascinating book, Timman has collected a wide range of the finest endgame studies by other composers

and explains in his lucid style how they inspired him to create dozens of brand-new studies himself.

As Timman writes in the preface:

‘Never before have I been so productive as an endgame study composer as in the seven months that I wrote this book.

It was a sensational experience.’

The Art of the Endgame is a treasure-trove for the lovers of beauty in chess.

But it is also of great value for competitive players.

Solving endgame studies is a vital part of improving one’s endgame technique:

it develops general understanding, calculation skills and resourcefulness.

GM Karsten Müller, author of 'Fundamental Chess Endings':
"Really fascinating."

Uwe Bekemann, German Correspondence Chess Federation:
"A work that succeeds, which entertains and at at the same time makes you better at playing the endgame."

Marco Campioli, Torre & Cavallo:
"Not only a rich manual for the 'studista', but also quite useful for players, with endings to analyze and remember."

Steve Giddins, author of 'The Greates Ever Chess Endgames':
"Not to be missed at any price (..) I was absolutely knocked out by the quality of the content."


2012, Averbakh: 

ChessEndings Essential Knowledge is available as an eBook at



Book about studies and problems composed by Mario Matous. Limited edition.



Hans Bohm and Yochanan Afek, 6 books (in Dutch), 

each about the 6 chess-men with history and many endgame studies. 2016

The book has 144 pages in 16 chapters with the following tactical themes:

Fork, Battery Play, Pinning and Unpinning, The Skewer,

Deflection and Decoy, Trapping a Piece, Removing a Guard,

Line-Opening and Line Closing, Back-Rank Weakness, Pawn Promotion, Zwischenzug,

Devious Draws: Perpetual Check, Devious Draws: Stalemate, The Ultimate Goal: Mate, Combined Motifs.

Each Chapter has game-examples played by worldchampions

and about 20 diagrams with exercises where a question or hint is given.

The solutions are explained very clearly.

Besides all over the board examples (a bit more than a half of the total exercises)

are from world champions practice (men and women).

The rest are of players and solvers friendly endgame studies.

The book is recommended because many of the examples

and exercises are taken from beautiful endgame studies !

More about: Afek, Yochanan 1952

In October 2017, the second edition of the book Endgame Magic,

written by Whitworth, Timothy 1932 with Beasley, John 1940 was issued.

It contains 160 studies (20 new ones) with extensive commentary, 192 pages.

After an Introduction the book has 3 parts with in total 17 chapters.

The chapters show studies with themes:

"Winning material", "Giving mate", "Creating stalemate",

"Racing to promote", "Fighting to promote", "Perpetual harassment", 

"Losing the move", "Underpromotion", "Decoys and diversions",

"Shielding and obstruction", "Fortress and blockade",

"Corresponding squares", "Echoes and repetitions", "Cut and thrust", 

"Frolics and fantasies" and "The grand manner". 


Book review: The Lubyanka Gambit

Book review: The Pawn Study Composer's Manual, Mikhail Zinar


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Book review: Anthology of miniature Endgame Studies

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