Siegfried Hornecker's book: 



A commented selection of some of my works

containing 149 originals


Please note that while you are free to re-host the book under the license given inside (Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 3.0),

due to violations of author's rights to name the price of their book at any time by local laws (known as "fixed book price agreements")

I will not grant licenses to sell a printed version of the book in any stores in the following countries: Germany, Austria, Argentina, South Korea, Denmark, Spain, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Luxemburg, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Slovenia, Belgium and any other with similar laws that don't respect my author's rights.

The export to those countries to end users will be allowed, but not to any resellers.

If you are interested in publishing a printed version, please contact me via e-mail or on LinkedIn.

My conditions:
- You take the financial risk of layouting/printing/publishing/etc.
- I receive 10 percent of the price of each sold book.
- The selling price will not be higher than 10 Euro/12.50 USD or the local equivalent, shipping and packaging not included (negotiable, depending on the status of the economy).

If you simply want to host the e-book, you are free to do so but I would still appreciate to hear about it. Note that personality rights still are in effect, so no hosting on sites where it can damage my reputation (such as sites that spread malware, enforce surveys, etc.)!

21 July 2015
Siegfried Hornecker.