In 2003 the Arves book titled "Depth and Beauty" was published by John Beasley.

It is a book about the chess endgame studies of Artur Mandler.

Chapters of the book are already for a long time available at the John and Sue Beasley website.

Or more precise at this subpage.

Now these pages will  be available at Arves as well.

We will try to add studies with it.

If you like to download the complete PDF-book as a whole, you can do it here.


This book was produced on a machine which did not have a PDF capability, and the material presented here was scanned from the print masters.

Our thanks to Mike Shaw and The Cabinet Office ( for the scanning,

and to Ian Watson (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for arranging for it to be done.


 NB. Study 3.38 (page 70) has since been shown to be unsound (see British Endgame Study News, June 2007, page 366),

and there are minor typographical errors in some of the sources (see BESN, December 2003, page 249).


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