Selection out of 92 studies composed by

Aleksei Grogorjevich Kopnin (Russia, 17.12.1918-17.6.1991).

Great Russian composer born in the city of Ribinsk, in the region of Iaroslavi, who was an expert in economics and a teacher of higher education. He published his first work as a troublemaker in 1946, but four years later he was also interested in studies and at the time of his information, in 1986, he had composed one hundred, three quarters of which were awarded and distinguished in contests. Chess activities reported to Professor Kopnin the titles of Sports Master of the USSR in 1957, and International Judge (1969) and International Master for Composition (1975), both awarded by FIDE; He also wrote a series of articles on compositional problems in several specialized journals (including "Shajmati v SSSR", "64" and "EG"), and this dissemination task is complemented at another level as co-author of books "V Promoshch shajmatistu "(aid to the chess player) (Sverdlovsk, 1951) and" Shajmati v Cheliabinsk ", in 1985. Kopnin also performed valuable analytical work on some singular endings, for a long time investigated, among others the end of Tower and minor piece against two smaller pieces, and in recent years, tower and pawn against bishop. In the field of the study Kopnin specialized in all the variety of subjects of tables, and first the positional tables, while in another order showed great interest by the classic subject of the domination. As it has been said, Kopnin's style is "artistic and scientific" at the same time, his Studies stand out in general for the materialization of difficult ideas - difficult to conceive and to realize - and for the impeccable correction of his numerous analyzes , Where he shows his great mastery of the technique.

Source: “El arte del Estudio del Ajedrez”- T.IV (Ex Unión Sovietica) Autor: Zoilo R. Caputto- Bs.As. (Argentina) - 1996.

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EG index gives the following interesting references to articles in EG about him:

Intellektualny igry 1993 See KOPNIN MEMORIAL TOURNEY

Kopnin-70 Jubilee Tourney 1988 7695-7712 (99), see p.215 (108)
Kopnin Memorial Tourney 1993 10471-80 (123)
Kopnin Memorial Tourney 1999 14084-90 (153)
Kopnin-90 Memorial Tourney 2009 17679-92 (184 supplement)

Hlinka, M. Kopnin MT 1993 8 (123)

Kopnin, A.G. Baturin MT 1984 119 (159-62)
Kopnin, A.G. Kaiev MT 1990-91 113 (106)
Kopnin, A.G. Kopnin-70 JT 1988 730 (99)
Kopnin, A.G. Schach 1987-88 140 (106)
Kopnin, A.G. Shakhmaty i shashki v BSSR 1980-81 354 (78)
Kopnin, A.G. Uralskie skazy 1990 213 (108)
Kopnin, A.G. Zvyazda (Perm) 1979 474 (159-62)

Olimpiev, B.G. Kopnin MT 1999 323 (153)

Pervakov, O. Kopnin-90 MT 2009 194 (184 supplement)

Keith, D. 17689 (184 Suppl) corrected on p.209 (185) 2 Comm, Kopnin-90

Kopnin, A.G. Alternating blockade 243 (58)
Kopnin, A.G. The exploitation of special positional features in endings with the material: Rook and Knight against Bishop and Knight 221 (74)
Kopnin, A.G. Some special features of the endgame struggle Rook and Knight against 2 Knights 89 (70)
Kopnin, A.G. Positional draws in GBR Class 0310.01 with centre pawn on any rank 193 (88)

Kopnin, A.G. obituary - 942 (102)

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