Studies selected and composed by

Peter Krug

(Austria, Salzburg 23.11.1966)

Peter Siegfried Krug is born 23.11.1966 in Salzburg.

He is Fide Master of the FIDE for chess composition since 2017.

He has composed over 650 endgame chess studies and is still very active and succesfull !!

He works amongst other things as Yogateacher in Austria and Germany.

His first study was composed in 2005 and published in Schach Aktiv,österreichische Schachzeitung.

The website problemistasajedrez gives also studies and information in spanish about him and his studies.

Also information about him in spanish at the Argentinian problemistasajedrez website.

Action Photo where Peter Krug is composing a study.

The key-move in this study with the white king is: 7. Kb2-c1!! The study was awarded 1st Prize in 


See study 20 below starting with 1.b7 ....


Some of his award diplomas and certificates:

Since 2016 he lives in Hallein.

An extended biography can be found here:


His (auto) biography:

Peter Krug's life was very hard from birth. He never got to know his own father (supposedly a doctor by profession). Never seen a picture of him.
The mother put Peter Krug in a nursing home after the father suggested that Peter Krug be aborted. He spent the first 2 years in a nursing home. He then came to a children's home (Itzling), which boys and girls (about 20 or more)
took up to 6 years old. The home was closed and Peter Krug felt like he was in a prison. He had no friends and no caregiver in the children's home.He had no relatives, no aunts, no uncles - no one. Sometimes he was picked up by the birth mother over the weekend. These were the few days when Peter Krug was allowed to experience freedom in the first 6 years. Although he was not physically abused in the home, he was locked up in the basement and psychological terror was commonplace. When Peter Krug reached the age of 6, he was too old for the children's home and was taken to a Projuventute children's village in Guggenthal. There, Peter suffered severe physical abuse. From the experiences made and the experience of not being noticed by anyone, Peter Krug reacted with silence and grief. He had to endure grief, lack of understanding and physical violence without exchanging these experiences with other caregivers and verbally procressing them. The bad experiences became an insurmountable obstacle for Peter Krug. He couldn't be careful at school and often cried. Instead of writing school essays at school, he sat frozen on the school desk and couldn't write sentences. In return, he received therefore the worst grades, which again caused Peter big fear that he would be beaten more or be locked in the basement as a punishment. Due to poor grades, Peter Krug completely lost the ground under his feet. He got fits of suffocation. Peter Krug always had suffocation attacks at night accompanied by fear of death. To get help, he went to another child's bed and unconscious. He fell on the other child's bed. He was taken to the hospital. The caregivers could not understand at all and so Peter Krug was brought to another foreign home.


Peter Krug felt torn out and could not adapt to the new environment. He was then taken to a nursing home. There Peter Krug was subjected to severe physical abuse. For more than a week, he was mugged at night and sexually abused by a colleague of the legal guardian. This sexual perpetrator had tattoos all over his body and only a few teeth left.His hair was long and unwashed. Peter Krug therefore fled. He fled because he was desperate for the brutal physical violence which he had experienced.
At that time he resolutely had decided to fall off the mountain. The police brought Peter Krug back to same nursing home in Liefering. In Liefering, where Peter Krug was punched with a fist by an alcoholic and very violent, angry man. In Liefering he also learned chess at the age of 12 or 13. Peter Krug had great learning difficulties and after school he had to take on jobs that he didn't know what to do with. He therefore experienced further frustrations in the workplace. Again and again he ran away from the apprenticeships offered to him. After all, hardly anyone cared about him. He became more interested in chess and often went to the Kaffee Mozart in the Getreidegasse. There he flashed (5 minutes Blitz game) with other chess players and could make some money with it. Due to lack of money, however, he could not join the Mozart chess club. When Peter Krug could no longer earn anything from playing chess, he had nothing to eat. In addition to white sugar cubes, he had starved for a few months in his youth. Sometimes he got old bread to eat. Starved and forgotten, he strolled through the streets of Salzburg. At that time he had no idea how to proceed. Any prospect of the future was blocked.
   Peter Krug was unable to complete a commercial apprenticeship.

As an adult he worked in the cinema as a trained cinema projectionist and then as a night porter in various 4 star hotels in Salzburg. He started yoga due to stress and severe sleep disorders. So Peter Krug got back into balance and could sleep well again. He did the yoga teacher training in Germany and also composed chess problems and chess studies. In 2017 he became FIDE master in chess composition.

   The relationship between Peter Krug and chess:

In Liefering he had learned chess from a psychologist at the age of 12 or 13 because it was the only way to communicate with Peter Krug.

Peter Krug did not speak to anyone at that time. He couldn't look anyone in the eye.

For Peter Krug, chess was the ideal way to get away from the crushing past of his childhood.


(All his studies, more exact dates, possible corrections or cooks and exact details about sources can be found in the

Harold van der Heijden (HHdbVI))


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